Stone Repair

Stone Repair With Minimal Fuss 

Wilson Maintenance has been carrying out stone, brick and concrete repair for more than 20 years. Working with the UKs leading manufacturers of stone repair products, our expert team can undertake a range of stone repair projects, including stitching and seamless stone rebuilding.

With careful colouring, we are able to provide an exact match between the stone repair product and the original stone. Our stone repair systems have been widely adopted by a number of local authorities, property owners, architects, specifiers and construction companies.

The benefits of our stone repair systems include:

  • Environmental benefits
  • Aesthetic benefits
  • Water-repellant properties
  • Increased property lifecycle
  • Lightweight for mass bulk and overhead working
  • Easy to mould

From stone repairs to drinking fountains for local authorities, to full rebuild and stone repair of stone sills and lintels for a mill renovation for property developers, you can entrust your stone repair work to Wilson Maintenance.

Stone repair at Bradford Royal Infirmary Re_roofing_and_hi_build_coating_system_at_Bradford_Royal_Infirmary

Above is an example of stone and concrete repairs carried out at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Using hi performance epoxy resins and a customer coloured anti-carbonation coating Wilson Maintenance match the exact specifications of our clients requirements.   

Stone_gable_re_build_and_parapet_stone_repair Stone_parapet_repair

As well as reforming damaged stone work Wilson Maintenance also reconstruct and pin stone facades that have either moved or are unstable. Above are pictures of a stone gable that was rebuilt and the stone parapet pinned after it had become unstable. Using traditional building techniques combined with modern materials such as epoxy resin and stainless steel Wilson Maintenance secured this structure to its initial form.